Yellow cumulus

30 x 30, mixed media on canvas

Art of the State is a juried exhibition of Colorado artists held every three years at the Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, Colorado.

January 17 through March 31

This is my statement for the piece accepted into this exhibition.

Hello, Iā€™m Karen Z Haynes.  I am a painter...primarily an oil painter currently working in representational, large scale, contemporary still life.

Yellow Cumulus, the painting in this exhibit, is different.  It is part of my journey into a more in-depth mark making.  This piece is a balance of shape, line, marks.  All moving in and out, pulling and pushing...reacting.

When making these paintings, devoid of representational image, I find myself immersed in play.  Starting from nothing, random shapes appear from scraping paint across paper, lines of oil bar, marker, pencil, spray paint, drips and scumbles...playing.

This with the intent of being...a painter.